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Ostrya virginiana

American hop hornbeam, Eastern hopbeam, Ironwood

Virginische Hopfenbuche - Charme noir de Virginie, Bois d'or, Ostryer de Virginie - Amerikaanse hopbeuk

Ostrya virginiana Ostrya virginiana
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Круглая/шарообразная форма 1 высота: более 12 метров Темная, густая крона
Высота: 8 - 20 m
Крона: round
Кора и ветви: bark grey-brown, grooved, young twigs bear hairs
Лист: elongated ovoid to oval, green, 6 - 12 cm
Цветы: yellowish-green catkins, Y 4-5 cm long, X 2 - 2.5 cm long, April
Плоды: nutlets, in fruit resembling hops
Применение: park tree
Вид почвы: likes calcareous soil
Устойчивость к ветру: good
Происхождение: central and eastern part of the United States
Зона зимостойкости: 4
Синоним: -

Native to a great deal of the United States where it is valued as a producer of hard wood ('ironwood'). A remarkable feature is the very low branching: the trunk often grows no higher than half a metre. The pendulous side branches cause a colossal crown to be formed with the passage of time. The short trunk is grey-brown, grooved and flakes off in small plates. The trunk becomes steadily darker in older trees. Young twigs are hairy but they are bare at a later stage. The long ovoid to oval leaves have a double serrated edge and turn a remarkable colour of yellow in autumn. The base of the leaf is more heart-shaped than that of O. carpinifolia. The tree's flowers are in the form of yellowish-green male catkins 4 - 5 cm long and female flowers in small ears. The latter turn into fruit resembling a hop and are approx. 6 cm long.

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